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Our Mission

A Sacred Place is nestled in the outskirts of Canaan, New Hampshire within the Indian River Valley. It is situated on forty one (41) acres of natural beauty and ecological diversity ranging from vernal pools, streams, and wetlands to fields and forest. It is open to all who wish to connect with nature in a respectful manner.

The intention of A Sacred Place is to create an environment where diversity, tolerance and forbearance combine to promote awareness, understanding and enlightenment. Within this peaceful, secluded setting, all people of goodwill are welcomed. They may spend a day, a weekend, or a year at work, play, study, and/or prayer in harmony with the Earth. We also provide an opportunity for hands-on experience of responsible land use and food production for those wishing to experience these cycles.

We believe that embracing nature in a personal way nourishes and restores balance to one’s body, mind, and spirit. It is in this sanctuary that people may gather to connect and strengthen their bonds of community where the expression of individual spiritual perception is not only respected, but also embraced and celebrated.